Beacon HOA Management

is owned and operated by Dustin and Sarah Dorsey.  Sarah, manager of Beacon HOA Management, began her career as a college professor after earning a Ph.D. in Economics from Kansas State University, teaching courses both online and in the classroom.  Sarah served on the board of her HOA for several years and was frustrated by the process and saw a need in her area for an efficient, helpful, caring company to assist HOAs in effectively managing all aspects of their associations.  Sarah is also is concerned with facilitating a smooth transition from the developer of a housing addition to a board of homeowners after seeing how this process can be frustrating and difficult.

Sarah Dorsey

As an economist and mother of three, Sarah has the ability to handle many tasks simultaneously and deal with any issues that arise, from the simple, everyday tasks, to complex projects or analysis that may need to be done to support your HOA.

Dustin Dorsey

Dustin, an Army combat veteran, has worked in the oil and gas industry for 15 years.  He has experience in a wide variety of maintenance trades and is available to work with associations and their contractors on all types of maintenance and landscaping needs.