Hi, I'm Sarah...

If Beacon HOA Management is providing professional management services to your neighborhood, Sarah Dorsey (that’s me!!) will be the contact person for day-to-day operations.

I grew up in a farm and ranch environment, showing cattle and horses throughout high school.  I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State in 2001.  I then went on to Kansas State University and got a MS in Ag Econ and a PhD in Economics, graduating in 2006.  After graduation, I taught in the Ag Department at Cameron University in Lawton, OK until we relocated to the Pittsburgh, PA area for Dustin’s job in 2010.  We decided we wanted to be closer to family after a year in Pittsburgh, so we moved back to Oklahoma and settled in Bixby in 2011.

In the fall of 2013, I was a stay at home mom to three young children (and two dogs) but wanted to stay active in my community.  Our neighborhood was making the transition from a developer controlled HOA to a resident controlled HOA and was electing its first board of residents.  So, I decided to volunteer for a board position.  Soon after my board term started, I realized that the complexities of handling neighborhood issues was something that I enjoyed and it was a way to use my skills as an economist as well as the organizational skills that being a mom of three required. 

HOA activities are not something that most people spend a lot of time thinking about.  Ideally, the regular operations of the HOA run smoothly in the background and all issues are handled quickly and professionally.  Unfortunately, this is not always how it goes.  And when there is a maintenance, accounting, or some other issue, it can be EXTREMELY frustrating to residents.  And, it can be time-consuming to a board of directors when there is not a caring, efficient management company in place to handle these issues.  Problems with an HOA can also negatively impact home values in the neighborhood.  I started Beacon HOA Management LLC to help Homeowners Associations address all issues that may arise.

Another aspect of HOAs that I am passionate about is fostering a sense of community among residents. Communication is so important to making sure people feel their needs are being met and their dues are being used in an efficient manner.  When residents feel a sense of community, it is much easier to work together and deal with problems in a cooperative, productive way.  I will work with associations to distribute newsletters, maintain website and social media pages, and plan social events, etc. depending on the needs of the association.  This will promote a healthy, productive relationship between neighbors, board members, and Beacon HOA Management.

I understand how important it is to make sure all of the business of the HOA is handled in a timely, professional manner and this is what I will strive to do every day.