Why does my HOA need a professional management company?

If you are a resident of a neighborhood that is self-managed or you are a developer considering whether or not to hire a professional management company, you may be wondering…

Why does my HOA need a professional management company?

Three primary reasons:


A professional property management company can handle all of the financial transactions, all of the maintenance issues, and all of the day-to-day management operations in one central location, so that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.  No need for one person to handle the finances and someone else to deal with contractors, a professional manager can handle it all.


What if the HOA president needs to sell their home and move or the treasurer decides they don’t have time to manage the HOA finances?  Then someone else has to step in and learn the accounting and bookkeeping processes.  There can be quite a bit of turnover in neighborhood residents.  But, if a professional management company is handling all of the HOA business, things continue to run smoothly, no matter who moves in and out of the neighborhood.


There are many details and issues that an HOA can encounter and having someone who has experience in handling HOAs is essential.  Also, there are some sensitive issues that can arise among homeowners and it is helpful to have a professional, unbiased manager to address these issues.

Beacon HOA Management can take care of every need of your HOA to ensure that all HOA business is conducted with efficiency, continuity and professionalism.  Contact us to discuss the specific needs of your association!

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