Does your HOA need to find new service providers? We can help!

As Spring approaches, many HOAs find themselves in a situation where they need or want to make changes to their service providers such as landscapers, pool maintenance companies, etc.  If you are not happy with your service company, there are usually several other options to explore.  For example, let us say that XYZ HOA decides they are not happy with the pool maintenance company they used last year and would like to find alternative companies.  Usually, in this situation, XYZ HOA would send out a RFP (request for proposal) to other companies asking for information about their services and bids for providing service to XYZ's pool.  Proposals from other companies would then be collected, compiled, and compared.  After looking at all the bids, a decision can be made as to what pool company to hire for the coming year.  

Does this process sound overwhelming?  If so, I have some good news...

Beacon HOA Management can carry out this entire process for you!  From recommending alternative companies, to sending out RFPs, to providing comparison and analysis of incoming bids, to helping make the final decision, we will help find the company that provides the highest level of service at the lowest price.

Keep in mind that your HOA management company is also a service provider that may need to be replaced.  So, if you are in a situation where you need or want more from your HOA management company, please contact Beacon HOA Management!