Compile yearly budget projections, provide monthly financial statements (which will be looked at by a tax professional on a quarterly basis), maintain HOA bank accounts, pay all association bills, collect dues, file liens on delinquent accounts, facilitate tax preparation, work with closing companies when properties are purchased, complete dues analysis and reserve studies

Administrative tasks

Maintain all insurance policies, keep accurate records of homeowners


Work with contractors to maintain landscaping, pools, playgrounds, splash parks, common areas, ponds, streets, gates, etc.

Covenant enforcement

Regularly visit property to monitor maintenance issues and covenant violations, prepare and mail notices for covenant violations and fines


Communicate with the board and/or developer as well as residents via phone, text and email to handle any pertinent HOA business, compile a newsletter (or provide a template for residents to use), disseminate all communication with homeowners by mass mailing as directed by the board (for a fee), reach out to new neighbors


Organize and attend monthly meetings with the board and yearly meetings with the neighborhood as a whole

We will work with you to customize a package of services that best fits the needs and budget of your association.